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Shoreline Management Plan 7


Shoreline Management Plan 7
(Previously Sub-Cell 3C)

Action Plan

An Action Plan lists the actions required to implement the policies of the Shoreline Management Plan.

The Action Plan for SMP 7 was prepared initially in January 2010 on completion of the SMP. Progress on the identified actions was reviewed and updated in February 2012; during that Review, no new actions were added. Since then, the Action Plan has been reviewed on a regular basis. The current version represents progress to March 2016. Further updates will be made on an annual basis.

There are now 9 documents that include Action Plans. 8 are location-specific and 1 is for general items that spane more then one frontage. Please select the area of interest from the list below.

The format for presentation of Action Plans has changed from that used in previous years to be consistent with how this information is shared for other purposes. If you have any comments on the new format please email them to .

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